Activities Made Possible by Karl Schlecht Foundation

B Corporations

The Dialogue Institute, thanks to the funding of the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG), sponsored a research project with intern Jessica Sitek. This exploration into these emerging entities was able to help us better understand the connection between World Ethos and the mission of corporate social responsibility. This research allowed the DI to develop a cadre of persons who are interested in increasing the call for corporations to have a positive impact on society. These people were added to the growing community of people dedicated to progressing the Worth Ethos through social change.

World Ethos Display at Paley Library at Temple University

Swidler Paley Display.jpg

During winter of 2017 there was display and presentation of Dr. Leonard Swidler’s life work at Paley Library. This included a timeline of his ground breaking literary works that helped to define the World Ethos movement as well as evolve the field of inter-religious dialogue. This effort was made possible in part by KSG.

International Dialogue Workshop - March 2017

DI/JES President Leonard Swidler and Director of Education Rebecca Mays led training programs at the international convention, held February 28–March 3, 2017, in Manila, Philippines. With the theme of “Moral and Innovative Leadership: New Models for Peace and Development,” the gathering “brought together leading global experts and practitioners of interreligious dialogue to share best practices and develop multi-sector partnerships for sustainable peace and development and the achievement of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.”

In addition to these training sessions Professor Swidler led a workshop on the evolving World Ethos. This keynote address was followed by an interactive session brought together 40 scholars and stakeholders in an environment where they were free to collaborate on their own understanding of the World Ethos.

Be sure to click here to view Professor Swidler’s address!

Dialogue Training for Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars - June/July 2017


Dialogue Institute Director of Education Rebecca Mays facilitated dialogue training for approximately 30 U.S. government-sponsored exchange program alumni/ae, part of the Alumni Thematic International Exchange Seminars.

The seminar took place in Philadelphia, July 12–15, 2017, on the theme of “Building Resilient Communities: Religious and Ethnic Diversity.” The DI’s training focused on interfaith/ interreligious dialogue, using the DI’s Dialogue Principles (developed originally by DI Founder and President Leonard Swidler). In all these educational undertakings DI staff highlights the World Ethos and work that is underway in the USA and Europe. Participants learn about key regional issues, receive training, and collaborate with fellow alumni/ae to implement community projects in their home countries when they go home, reinforcing the World Ethos

Advisory Council of World Ethos - September 2017

Board Chair Alsayegh has formed a DI Advisory Council on World Ethos that includes:

o   A partner of the global accounting firm, KPMG

o   A lawyer/partner in a major law firm with special practice experience in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and compliance and cyber security

o   A former CEO of several U.S. companies who was a U.S. Army officer in Vietnam

o   Two business leaders from the DI/JES board—Ann Schroeder and Sergio Mazza

o   A venture capitalist who is the former head of Wharton’s Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Pennsylvania

o   Howard A. Cohen, Former DI/JES Executive Director

The Council is considering alternatives to bring educational programs on world ethos and dialogue as a marketable product to business organizations, NGOs, and labor unions. The Council has had one plenary meeting and several smaller discussion groups. Additional work is planned for early 2019.

DI/JES Presented at International Business Ethics Conference - October 2017

International Business Ethics.png

The Dialogue Institute participated in the 5th Annual Humanistic Management Conference in Germany this past fall. The conference was hosted by the University of Tübingen’s Weltethos-Institut under the theme, “A World Ethos for Global Business? Cosmopolitan Responsibilities of Management.” The Weltethos-Institut is sponsored by the Karl Schlecht Foundation. While acknowledging the growing need for a shared “world ethic” with respect for the diversity and divergence of culture and civilization, the international gathering sought to investigate the following questions:

1) How a world ethic for global business could be variously articulated and promoted (“theory”)

2) The extent to which such an ethic is already present in contemporary globalized business (“practice”)

3) What civil society around the world can do to support the efforts of (especially multinational) corporations in this direction (“policy”).

DI Co-sponsors Reformation Anniversary Symposium at Temple University - October 2017

Swidler Address.png

The Dialogue Institute co-sponsored a special symposium at Temple University, October 27, 2017, in recognition of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's call for reform: “Transcending the Reformation-Counter-Reformation— A Contemporary Dialogue.” Professor Leonard Swidler and Executive Director Rebecca Mays both participated in the event; with the former delivering a keynote address on describing how the Reformation presaged the need for developing a global ethic. Rebecca Mays was a member of the first of two panel discussions that followed. Professor Swidler’s address appeared as an editorial in the Fall 2017 issue of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies (52:4).